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The Last Five Years

BOOK, MUSIC & LYRICS: Jason Robert Brown

COMPANY: Aria Entertainment & DLAP Group

DIRECTOR: Jonathan O'Boyle





VENUE: Garrick Theatre, London
OPENING DATE: 23rd September 2021

PHOTOGRAPHER: Helen Maybanks

"Jamie Platt's exquisite, atmospheric lighting design pulls it all together."

Paul Vale - The Stage - 27/09/2021

"Lee Newby’s brilliant and effective set is lit delicately and powerfully by Jamie Platt and the two work in tandem to complement the strong imagery that O’Boyle has painted."

Henry Longstaff - London Theatre Reviews - 24/09/2021

"Jamie Platt’s light design succeeds in painting a hauntingly vivid visual palette for the story, aiding the swift transitions in tempo and narrative with sharp light changes."

Gaurav Singh Nijjer - North West End - 24/09/2021

"Jamie Platt's lighting design becomes crucial in the symbolism. Warm, welcoming hues cascade over Jamie as he falls head over heels for Cathy, who in turn starts off inundated by the cold tones of separation until the shades are reversed. As it goes on, the subsequent amalgamation of the colours becomes a fundamental visual code that speaks for their journeys and different stages in life... The collision between Jamie's freezing cold lighting and Cathy's warm tint intensifies the final separation between them, circling them back to the very start."

Cindy Marcolina - BroadwayWorld - 24/09/2021

"Jonathan O'Boyle's ingenious direction, coupled with Jamie Platt's excellent lighting, sets everything on and around a grand piano inexorably revolving as the clock ticks on the relationship."

D.S.J - London Living Large - 24/09/2021

"Everything is as it was before, but elevated. The blue lanterns that seemed impressively suffocating at the Southwark now tower above the stage, still rotating and alternating their power (rather like the way in which the show switches between protagonists) in Jamie Platt's beautiful light design"

Ray Rackham - British Theatre - 28/09/2021

"The excellent lighting design by Jamie Platt helps with the stark difference in tone, the start of their relationship lit in gold, bright and sunny while the end strikes a more somber tone with dark oppressive blues. In the middle stages we get more varied tones, with lurid pinks and greens accompanying songs like Jamie’s comedic ‘A Miracle Would Happen’. Much like shows such as If/Then and Our House, differing timelines are a tricky thing to show on stage, but the lighting did an excellent job of showing where we were at any point and really added to the feel."

Gwen Rickard - Break A Leg - 23/09/2021

"Terrific lighting by Jamie Platt."

Hugh Wooldridge - London Box Office - 24/09/2021

"Special mention of the lighting design by Jamie Platt which works in perfect union, with the deceptively simple set design by Lee Newby, from the dazzling opening, to the quieter moments in the show."

Shaun Tossell - Theatre Fan - 27/09/2021

"Contrasting with her [Molly Lynch's] plangent, blue-lit laments at the start, Higginson’s Jamie is seen gleaming and gung-ho under golden lighting."

Dominic Cavendish - The Telegraph - 25/09/2021


'Jamie Platt’s gorgeously soft and haunting lighting design actually enhances the signs of the cracks in the relationship from the very start particularly during ‘Still Hurting’ and towards the end during ‘Nobody Needs to Know’."

Emma Clarendon - Love London, Love Culture - 25/09/2021

"It would be churlish not to also mention Jamie Platt, whose lighting adds so much to the production."

Leon Ferguson - Musical Theatre Review - 26/09/2021

"Lee Newby's set... is lit with painterly panache and precision by Jamie Platt. The stage morphs from glitzy to stark in the blink of a tear-filled eye. It looks utterly gorgeous."

Alun Hood - My Theatre Mates - 24/09/2021

The Last Five Years
The Last Five Years
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The Last Five Years
The Last Five Years
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