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Singin' in the Rain

BOOK: Betty Comden & Adolph Green

MUSIC: Nacio Herb Brown

LYRICS: Arthur Freed

COMPANY: The Mill at Sonning

DIRECTOR: Joseph Pitcher

MUSICAL DIRECTOR: Francis Goodhand

CHOREOGRAPHER: Ashley Nottingham

SET DESIGNER: Diego Pitarch

COSTUME DESIGNER: Natalie Titchener

SOUND DESIGNER: Joshua Robbins

VIDEO DESIGNER: Tapio Snellman

RAIN DESIGNER: Alasdair Elliot

VENUE: The Mill at Sonning
OPENING DATE: 30th November 2019

PHOTOGRAPHER: Andreas Lambis

"Diego Pitarch’s set acts as a blank canvas for the dramas on and off screen, complemented by

Natalie Titchener’s delectable 1920s costumes and Jamie Platt’s impressionistic lighting."

Julia Rank - The Stage - 10/12/2019

"No element of the production betrays the small theatre's out-of-London location - simply put, this is a production of the highest standard."

Anthony Walker-Cook - BroadwayWorld - 06/12/2019

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