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Manic Street Creature

BOOK, MUSIC & LYRICS: Maimuna Memon

COMPANY: Southwark Playhouse & First Born Child Productions

DIRECTOR: Kirsty Patrick Ward


SOUND DESIGNER: Sam Clarkson for Sound Quiet Time

VENUE: Southwark Playhouse, Large, London
OPENING DATE: 24th October 2023


“Stunning lighting from Jamie Platt.”

Daz Gale - All That Dazzles - 24/10/2023

"Colourful lighting changes by designer Jamie Platt provoke emotional mood swings"

Marina Holmes Smith - West End Best Friend - 28/10/2023

"To heighten the moods further, Lighting Designer Jamie Platt frequently bathes areas in warm amber but contrasts with profile spots to give a concert effect, reminding us of how the songs might be heard in another setting. His eight strings of hanging bare-bulb lights similarly brighten and dim for effect."

Richard Beck - Broadway Baby - 27/10/2023

"Lighting design by Jamie Platt adds atmosphere, particularly in the later scenes where Daniel’s mental health crisis and its toll on Ria’s own mental health come to a head, with frenetic lighting changes often used to underscore the intense emotion playing out on stage."

Julie - Adventures in Theatreland - 25/10/2023

"Jamie Platt, Lighting Designer, has done a great job throughout the piece, using strobes, colours and spotlights to reflect at different times rollicking emotional turbulence and the gentle, slowly intensifying glow of a long-awaited sunrise."

Rosie Thomas - The Spy in the Stalls - 25/10/2023

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